About us

Our Mission

Allow users to build engaged communities with real and meaningful video conversations and therefore have a more fulfilling social media experience through a new platform.

Our Vision

The word "Fiesta" means a happy gathering. Our vision is to allow users to gather together virtually as if they were in the same room. This is achieved by active engagement through real live events sorted based on your interests.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Fiesta allows individuals and organizations to build a social presence by hosting and attending live events encompassing networking sessions, workout classes, hangouts, fun learning classes, parties and many more.

What is Fiesta?

Fiesta is the pioneer in creating a social platform in the event video conferencing space, and an easy to use platform for building an interactive community using mobile devices, and desktops.

Fiesta provides an option for public and private rooms allowing users to build engaged communities from their homes while enabling increased privacy.